PNM Vidya Bharath


Principal’s hours

3 pm to 4 pm on every working days

Time to meet teachers

On first Fridays from 3.30 pm to 4 pm a session will be arranged for interaction between parents and teachers. During these  sessions  parents can meet the teachers and discuss the performance of children. Parents will not be allowed to meet teachers on other days

The school arranges time for the parents to meet the teachers after every examination and to see the report card of the student concerned.

Instructions to the students

Be regular and punctual to school – Keep your dress and books neat and tidy – Bring academic calendar and study materials every day as per the time table – Speak English in the campus and in the school bus – Maintain discipline in the campus – Be respectful and obedient to the staff and elders; wish them whenever you meet them – Participate co-curricular activities and other school functions – Mobile phone, CDs, magazines and other books should not be brought to school – Students themselves are responsible for their belongings like books and umbrella – Do all the assignments and home work daily and in time – All the students are earnestly requested to keep up standard of the school by excelling in studies and in general etiquette

Guide lines for parents

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