PNM Vidya Bharath

KG Level Learning

Lower K.G. and Upper K.G Classes are mainly play-oriented. Our strategy is an activity based learning that will be a predominant way of induction for the children to learn.  The activities are to be designed in such a way that they are developmentally appropriate with methods like informal and play-based programmes.

The advantages of this thematically planned programme are, Children can contribute to the development of the theme through their own interest and experiences, and the themes can provide a unifying focus, linking the different areas of the school and  aspects of the curriculum.  Parents and families can contribute to the theme and become involved. Themes can promote useful links between home and the school.

 While in the course of learning more emphasis is given to spoken English, reading work and the fundamentals of arithmetics.

Studentswho complete 3 years of age on 1st June are eligible for admission to L.K.G

 At primary level,we follow an Integrated  Curriculum based on CBSE. Teaching methods are age-specific, and assessments extracted from observations, projects, activities, worksheets, presentations, and reviews.

 Middle schoolcurriculum is based on guidelines provided by CBSE. In middle school learning children are encouraged to explore subjects in depth.

In Secondary & senior Secondaryclasses students are guided in their preparations for CBSE board level examinations. Regerous learning and prescribed wider reading are insisted on.

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